India’s first neobank for couples

Joint wallets for modern couples

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Create your Coupl wallet and earn up to ₹50,000 worth of joining rewards 🔥

Pool together, spend together

Use your joint wallet to pool your money, and your joint Coupl cards to spend on all that you do together

Say goodbye to splitting transactions!

No more splitting every transaction! With the Coupl joint wallet, you and your partner can easily manage your shared expenses together from one account


Lightning fast! It only takes 30 seconds to open your joint wallet


Inclusive banking for all, because love knows no boundaries


Not hitched yet? Not a problem!

The Coupl joint wallet is open to you whether you're newly married, in a long-term relationship, or even just dating


“We no more fighting over who pays for what, or how to settle it later! With Coupl, my wife and I easily manage money together and keep our shared expenses in sync.”

Varun & Kritika, Mumbai


How it works

create wallet

Create your joint wallet on Coupl


Invite your partner to join the wallet

Get your matching cards


Pool your money together, and start spending

Joint Cards

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Easily track and manage your cards and payments

track manage

Set up spending limits and alerts


One place to pay all your utility bills together


Keep your individual bank statements clean

joint wallet coupl

Joint wallet, shared rewards

We reward you every time you spend together. From complimentary airport lounge access to discounts on OTT subscriptions, hotel bookings, and much more.


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Why couples love us

“Keeping track of our finances was a pain until we discovered Coupl! A joint wallet that lets us easily combine our funds at the beginning of the month for our shared expenses has made our lives so much simpler.”


Avi & Rebecca

Dating, 2 years ❤️

"Kush and I love travelling, and Coupl has significantly improved the quality of our trips! Beyond just the travel rewards, it is also a huge relief to not have to keep track of who is responsible for every penny spent.”


Kush & Lisha

Dating, 3 years ❤️

“We recently tied the knot, and were looking for a stress-free way to manage our household expenses. We dreaded the tedious process of opening a joint account. That was until we discovered Coupl! Since then, it’s been super easy to pool our money, set a budget and stick to it.”


Sanskar & Rishika

Married, 3 months 💍

“As a same-sex couple, we face a very unique challenge when it comes to navigating through financial institutions! That’s when we came across Coupl and saw how they’re helping the queer community with their family banking needs. We were able to easily set up our Coupl account without ever visiting a physical bank!”


Komal & Shilpa

Together, 6 years 🏳️‍🌈